Now That I am Offically a College Student

Where to start? I am in my second week of a very long hopefully very successful educational career. I have mixed feelings about the institution I am currently enrolled in. The online platform is to say the least is convenient for a gal living in rural Utah. However I have some reservations. First apparently they don't give A's?! and Cis considered a Good Grade? Umm What? For those of us who have aspirations for attending a good graduate school this does not sit well. What am I supposed to say "Ummm yes I have a C average because that is what the school I attended believes in?" Second, There are many reason for my returning to school one just happens to be the push that happens when you are surrounded by your peers who are talented and driven just like you. I sadly am not feeling this. Yes this is my first semester but I did test out of my first semester of classes leading me to believe that it's not going to get much better. Third and finally the cost. It's cringe worthy. Did you know that Art Schools far surpass any Ivy league when it comes to cost of education? I wouldn't be surprised it the ratio to scholarships is also obscenely disproportionate. At any rate it is so expensive. To stay at this school I would have to fork out an additional 8k on top of the student loans I have racking up.... Every single year. Well baring they don't continue to raise the cost which they will. They all will. 


So now what? Well we have established how cost is prohibitive. No surprise for the American Higher education system, a clear lack of challenge or comradery in my peer and a disregard for talent and hard work on the side of the institution. The obvious choice is to transfer an option I have been looking at since before this semester even started. But where? 


Good News First! I have been accepted into a program in Paris! I also have been invited to interview at two Universities in the UK. One of those schools happens to be my first choice and both are among the best Art schools in the world. I am also putting in for programs in Tennessee of course! Savannah, Chicago, Milan and New York. All of these programs have their merits. The biggest down fall to the programs in the US is cost. Paris Schooling will be free if I maintain a 3.5. The Schools in the UK are considerably cheaper than the US even considering exchange rates, European schools will also not increase tuition rates after you have enrolled, unlike schools here, that increase cost sometimes every semester. However the cost of moving my family of 6 overseas is not cheap. The UK has some pretty intense Visa requirements. Like I have to have £42,000.00 just chilling in an account, not to pay to the United Kingdom but to insure we don't starve to death or end up on the streets. For the record I have no idea how I'll come up with all of that cold hard cash but I suppose if there is a will there is a way. If you take away all the hassle and crazy requirements, going to school in Europe vs. the US would save me an average of $76,000.00 over the course of my degree. That is considerable. Especially when you take into account the likelihood that I will get into one of the graduate schools I have my heart set on. Also that these schools when they put on a show of student work. People come. Collectors, curators, managers. These are the kind of opportunities every talented driven artist needs and deserves.

What to do, what to do? Suppose I should start selling and sorting through my belongings. I feel a studio sell is in the near future. While I don't know where I am going yet, I am going. Stay tuned.

May your heart be light, your hands never idle and your mind inspired