Repair a Torn Canvas Painting

Learn How to Repair a Sad Sad Torn Canvas!

SO I made a video. It's my thing now. Watch the video or read onwards, on how to save your beloved canvas.

As you can see below, the aftermath of kids and wind and foolishness. Why let a pricy canvas and time spent roughing in go to waste? We can repair that little jackass of a tear. 

You will need 3 things:

One, a piece of canvas cut bigger than your rip. I like my patch to form a good inch buffer surrounding the rip.

Two, Gesso or an acid-free glue like a ph neutral PVA or even acid-free Elmer's will work if you aren't the fussy type. I prefer gesso because of it's efficiency in that I do not have to gesso the tinny bit on the front of my canvas again.

Three, your sad sad torn canvas.

After you have your canvas patch piece cut. You should flip over your canvas laying it flat. (If you are working with a finished or near finished piece of artwork. Please, protect it by putting something soft down for it to lay on, to prevent scratching) On the back of the canvas apply a coat of your adhesive material, to your rip and the surrounding area. Be generous enough that your canvas patch can fit comfortably over top of the adhesive layer. Center your canvas patch over your rip and gently press, to ensure adhesion and remove air bubbles. Coat the top and sides of your patch with adhesive. Make your layer thin and even. Turn your canvas back over and wipe away any excess adhesive from the front of your canvas. Allow to dry and recoat twice allowing to dry in-between coats. Gesso the front as needed and get to painting!

May your heart be light, your hands never idle and your mind inspired