7 essential steps to a Morning Practice


Not all mornings are perfect. No one is waking up. In a garden surrounded by happy little animals. Hair perfectly quaff sporting a birthday suit most would be envious of. No one has all their shit together. Things don't always go right.  The beauty in living is that all the imperfect is not only okay, but keeps things sexy, honest and vibrant. We are fabulously flawed and so are our lives. Having a game plan, whether we follow it to the letter or not, puts us in the right direction. That is why this is a practice because you have to keep practicing. You might never master the perfect morning. But you will master the ease of starting your day. Let us consider that perfection lies in the process: mistakes, mishaps, hangups and all. 


it's wonderful to have a bed time ritual. some people take a hot shower to wash off the day, Maybe herbal tea is your thing. I am partial to a good old foot rub. This small bit of self care at the end of the day sets me up for better sleep than if I had foregone it. Pick something, anything 5 or 10 min is usually sufficient. 

Take sometime gathering your thoughts for the next day. Make a mental to do list of your top three priorities for the coming day. mine unusually go something like this. Art-Work, Clean something, show my children more love. Sometimes it's more specific like do 3 loads of laundry. or spend extra Time with Ash. but you get the gist.

take 10 min before bed assessing your top goal or a looming issue you are trying to resolve. Let your brain take a crack at it while you sleep

Go to bed no later than 7 hrs before you intend on waking-up

unplug!!!! 60 minutes before bed. give your circadian rhythm a break from all the artificial light.

Set your alarm. place it across the room. added bonus if your phone doubles as your alarm. giving you another reason not to stay up and scroll in bed.

Sleep! Ah that was nice!!! 

Mmmmm Eggs! 

Mmmmm Eggs! 

  1.    2-10 minutes in prayer/meditation. The conscious act of gratitude is a beautiful thing. What better time to practice it than first thing in the morning? Beginning the day by thanking God, The Universe or people in your life, brings the uplifting power of abundance to your day. Now is also a good time to ask your ask. "Show me how to be more present." "Help me find the money, for a new roof." "Give me the confidence to present my proposal at work." "Help me be efficient and prolific with my time." "Give me good news at the Doctors office." Big or small if it's weighing on you ask. You have to put it out there to get something back. Leave this with a mindset of all the good and abundance that is awaiting you this day.
  2.    Morning pages/Journal. This is one of my favorites. There is no wrong way to do this. You should spend 15 min or 3 pages which ever comes first. Writing whatever it is you want to write. It can be a mind dump of whatever is rattling around up there. An overview of the day before and the day ahead. creative writing, list making. Whatever it is it does not matter. The worth (as with everything) is in the doing. My pages change. Some days it is a bunch of nonsense scattered with angry hangups. Some days its everything I love to eat. Some days its a hodgepodge of goals, short stories and random thoughts. It is all good! Since my practice of morning pages has begun, I have been more centered, focused & true to myself. I would recommend writing your goals/dreams in the present tense when they pop up. "I am making....." "I have....." "I am going....." "I AM ......"
  3.    15 Minutes getting your heart rate up. Running, Squats, Stairs, Jumping jacks. Whatever floats your boat just get moving and get that heart rate up!
  4.    Eat! Load up on protein and water. I have been battling anemia most of my adult life. 3 eggs first thing in the morning has been my answer to this. Protein first thing helps give you the stamina you need for the rest of the day. 18-30g is a good goal to shoot for.
  5.    Cold shower. I don't always have time for a full on shower but I always have time for a rinse. Either-way, The last 30-60 seconds, turn is cold and relax. Breathe deep and focus on the tension being washed away. 
  6.    Read or Listen to uplifting media.  If I am reading I usually do this after my morning pages. If I am listening I do it while working out or eating just depends. If the content makes you feel good consume it!
  7.    ROCK IT! Rock your day like nobodies business! 

Bonus* If you have time take 30-60 minutes to roll out the mat and deepen your morning practice with yoga. It is a great time to find balance and set your intention for the day.

May your heart be light, your hands never idle and your mind inspired