Showing up

To put it lightly I had a few mind fucks from keeping me from working/starting/finishing/ just plan old showing up to my work. This project just being birthed has already put me through the wringer. However after fighting this hard to get back on the horse. This bitch isn't bucking me off again.

It's all kind of fitting, that this week is the week. I am on week 8 of The Artist Way and its all about strength. Showing up. Maybe you can't for whatever reason, do everything, but you can do something. Well I finally showed up at my easel and oh how I missed her. She beings me moments of quiet reflection, in a house that has numerous little humans bouncing of the walls. She has a way of wiping away every worry. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Is this to you know? Or what about the laundry.? What if this and what if that?! It goes on and on.

But when I show up to my easel she promises me one thing. Maybe no great inspiration maybe no lightning bulb moments but always always she gifts me a free mind. I love that. I cherish that. Art is my escape. My respite and reprieve, from all the crazies and craziness. I get the same thing to an extent with yoga. The difference is I am always pushing myself in yoga. Go deeper hold it longer. Faster flow, slower flow and so on. When I show up to the easel I just am. I don't really ask anything of myself. I am just a vessel waiting to be filled or waiting to be unfilled or just being. The easel never expects or asked anything of me besides just showing up and that I can do. Women are expected to handle other peoples shit. I am expected to handle other peoples shit. Not at the easel. At the Easel its about the work and the divine. Everything else is just muted static.

It seems I need reminding more often than not that just the act of showing up is so empowering. Great Artist are often asked to give advice to those just starting out. The phrase "Do the work" is repeated time and time again. "Here HERE!" I say. Show up and do the work. You will be blessed with more than a product. To finding Grace and Strength in work.

May your heart be light, your hands never idle and your mind inspired