The Work Begins

Glorious! With a studio packed full of naked canvas, the work begins, It is exciting and daunting to undertake such a large project. Daily I have doubts. Doubting I will do the work justice. Doubting my authenticity, my talent, my vision, on and on and on.  

Others that have come before me, lead me forward. Encouraging me through the written word to press on. As I am reminded what matters. THE WORK. The work is all that matters answering the call, stepping up and into action. And giving what our culture has so lovingly embraced "ZERO FUCKS". So I press on in purpose, with reason and fire. 

After breaking through the initial doubts and hesitation. To find myself engulfed in the work, surrounded by velvety pigments and stained bristles tickling the canvas. My mind is quite, my soul is in the flow and nothing else matters. Hunger and thirst are but an annoyance to be squished. Words spoken to me are like waves, washing over stones, unable to seep in. All that matters is the WORK.

I pray that my heroes of the page will be there to lift me up. When I am deeper in the muck, lost in the throws of work, that only seems to press on. With no merciful end in sight. Hope that by divine grace I will be given the stamina it takes to complete such an under taking. 

In the mean time there will be Isla's antics and her adorable bum to lift my spirits.

May your heart be light, your hands never idle and your mind inspired