Dawn Taylor

I Love what I do! Recently I was having a conversation with friends. There was a lot of talk about retirement. Excitement to retire; how, when , where and so on. It was this moment that I realized I would never retire. How do you retire from something you love? 

I Believe in cross pollination both in nature and in my work. The meditative process of pottery, helps me work out a  concept for a painting. Photography allows me to execute ideas rapidly when they are coming in so quickly. It also allows me to slow down and evaluate my prospective on art and life. Writing and illustrating gives me the opportunity to elaborate on a story that might only be touched on otherwise. Paint gives me time. Time to nurture a creation into fruition. Time for myself. Time to tie it all together.

My workdays are filled and varied. 6 hrs a day 5 days a week are mt minimum painting hours. Sometimes I go to the easel in the morning and when I finally look up, the sun has long since gone down. My days are also filled with classes, workshops both as a participant and an instructor. Constantly learning and honing my craft as well as sharing my knowledge, are opportunities of deeply value.  Illustrative work might take up anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. I write for at least 1 hour everyday, most often in the morning. I shoot on the weekends but have been known to take my camera out for a walk in the evenings. My days are also filled with the not so creative. Replying to emails, Applying for grants and shows, Planning and logistics, budgeting, ordering and such. Luckily I get to say my days are also filled with my family. My work blesses me with the opportunity to be home. See my children off to school. Tend to the ones not quite there yet and be with them all through out the evenings. 

  Exploration of the human form and the human consciousness is the path that my current work is on. Performing and practicing my craft daily, creates a rhythm that bends this path in new and unexpected ways. Creating art I weave through a vast and complicated inner dialogue, asking questions and provoking thought. While striving to create lasting and meaningful pieces that are true to my soul and view the world.

Originally a Nashville native I currently reside in Nephi, UT. I look forward to the time when I return home. I have attended classes and workshops at Watkins Collage of Art in TN, Pilchuck Glass School in WA, Kala Art Institute in CA, Salt Lake Community Collage and Peterson Art Center in UT as well as numerous classes and workshops from amazing artist, from around the country.